What is the National Shipbuilding Strategy?2020-10-14T07:51:56-04:00
  • The National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) is the Government of Canada’s long-term plan to renew Canada’s federal fleet of combat and non-combat ships and revitalize Canada’s domestic shipbuilding industry. Learn more and keep up to date with NSS developments.
What expertise does Irving Shipbuilding Inc. bring?2020-11-19T17:53:07-05:00
  • Headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Irving Shipbuilding Inc’s skilled team and innovative facilities provide efficient building, fabrication, conversion and servicing of vessels and offshore platforms.
How was the design team selected?2020-10-14T07:39:45-04:00
  • The Team was selected by Irving Shipbuilding and the Government of Canada through an open and transparent, multiphase competitive process.
  • The design team’s solution provides the best overall, lowest risk, technologically advanced capability bringing extraordinary economic benefits for Canada.
What expertise does each team member bring?2020-10-14T07:39:58-04:00
  • Collectively, the design team has a proven, uniquely skilled Canadian workforce and supply chain across the country that are ready to support this program today.
  • BAE brings its expertise in advanced warship design with its latest Type 26 Global Combat Ship that is already on its way to becoming a major part of the Royal Navy’s fleet for the next quarter century and beyond.
  • CAE brings its expertise as a globally recognized leader of Integrated Naval Training and Simulation solutions as well as Human Systems Integration for Naval Systems.
  • Lockheed Martin Canada brings its expertise with a world renowned, Canadian-developed, combat management system, its CMS 330, and a successful track record in its integration;
  • MDA brings its expertise in electronic systems engineering including management and system design, development and integration.
  • L3 Technologies brings the combined expertise of four of its Canadian divisions in marine technologies, systems integration support, and through life in-service support in areas such as integrated communications, electro optic and infrared sensors, and integrated platform management systems, in addition to other sub-systems such as torpedo handling systems.
  • Ultra Electronics brings its expertise in underwater warfare integration and systems.
What benefits will Canada get from the new Canadian Surface Combatant?2020-10-14T07:43:15-04:00
  • First and foremost, the men and women of the Royal Canadian Navy will get an advanced and modern combat ship, equipped with next generation technology to capably support and protect them as they fulfill their wide range of missions around the world, from humanitarian assistance to high-intensity conflicts, for the next 40+ years.
  • Canada also gets jobs. Collectively, our team employs more than 10,000 Canadians in over 45 facilities across the country with an established presence on both coasts, and our collective Canadian supply chain consists of approximately 4000 contracts Canada-wide.
  • Canadian industry builds expertise and gets follow-on work. The Type 26 Global Combat Ship’s modular design and open architecture provide significant Canadian content on the program and allows Canadian industry to play a leading role in through-life support and upgrade, delivering long term economic benefit to Canada.
  • Canada keeps at the forefront. Our companies have a track record of investing here in R&D (including clean tech, cyber, advanced marine manufacturing) and keeping IP in Canada. In fact, Research Infosource in November 2017 came out with its list of the top 100 R&D spenders in Canada that included 4 of our design team members (CAE, MDA, L3 Technologies, and Lockheed Martin Canada).
  • Canada gets export opportunities. As a result of our successful made-in-Canada technology, the world is turning to our Canadian companies for solutions. In fact, New Zealand became the first foreign navy to send its ships to a Canadian shipyard for modernization, with the installation of Lockheed Martin Canada’s CMS 330 built in Canada and proven on the Halifax-class frigates. Chile has also selected LMC to modernize its fleet of three Type 23 frigates. These projects and others have provided export opportunities for many Canadian defence and technology companies. Canadian companies from the Team’s supply chain such as WR Davis Engineering in Ottawa, L3Harris in Montreal, and Rolls-Royce in Peterborough have already begun work on delivering high-technology systems for the UK’s Type 26.
Tell me more about the capabilities of the new Canadian Surface Combatant?2020-10-14T07:46:12-04:00
  • The new Canadian Surface Combatant is based on the BAE Systems Type 26 Global Combat Ship. The ship’s design is customized to meet the Royal Canadian Navy’s requirements and to incorporate Canadian systems and equipment. It will be globally deployable and capable of supporting and protecting the men and women of the Royal Canadian Navy as they fulfill their wide range of missions around the world, for the next 40+ years. It will offer:
    • Multi-role missions: From humanitarian assistance to high intensity conflict including anti-submarine warfare and air defence in the hottest or coldest of temperatures, it will capably support any mission.
    • Maximum ship survivability.
    • While other ships in this class are 10-15 years old, the Global Combat Ship is the most modern design and its margins allow for growth or future modernization. It is designed for 2020 and beyond, closely matching Canada’s requirements, only requiring 10% change, with a digital and modern toolset that minimizes design transition risk.
    • Full interoperability with 5-eyes and NATO nations.


  • The Canadian Surface Combatant features:
    • Canada’s trusted combat management system, the CMS 330, developed in Canada by Canadians based on 30+ years’ experience and knowledge of Canadian and NATO naval operations
    • 100% Canadian designed mission bay handling system
    • A modular and scalable solid state radar, the SPY-7, that allows for continuous surveillance and protection and supports next generation air and missile defence technology
    • World-leading acoustic performance with an extremely low acoustic signature

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