Tell me more about the capabilities of the new Canadian Surface Combatant?

The new Canadian Surface Combatant is based on the BAE Systems Type 26 Global Combat Ship. The ship’s design is customized to meet the Royal Canadian Navy’s requirements and to incorporate Canadian systems and equipment. It will be globally deployable and capable of supporting and protecting the men and women of the Royal Canadian Navy

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What is the National Shipbuilding Strategy?

The National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS) is the Government of Canada’s long-term plan to renew Canada’s federal fleet of combat and non-combat ships and revitalize Canada’s domestic shipbuilding industry. Learn more and keep up to date with NSS developments.

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How was the design team selected?

The Team was selected by Irving Shipbuilding and the Government of Canada through an open and transparent, multiphase competitive process. The design team’s solution provides the best overall, lowest risk, technologically advanced capability bringing extraordinary economic benefits for Canada.

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What expertise does each team member bring?

Collectively, the design team has a proven, uniquely skilled Canadian workforce and supply chain across the country that are ready to support this program today. BAE brings its expertise in advanced warship design with its latest Type 26 Global Combat Ship that is already on its way to becoming a major part of the Royal

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What benefits will Canada get from the new Canadian Surface Combatant?

First and foremost, the men and women of the Royal Canadian Navy will get an advanced and modern combat ship, equipped with next generation technology to capably support and protect them as they fulfill their wide range of missions around the world, from humanitarian assistance to high-intensity conflicts, for the next 40+ years. Canada also

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