“The Canadian Surface Combatant program is positioned to deliver significant economic benefits to Canada, projected to be measured in billions of dollars over the life of the program.”

Gary Fudge, Vice President and General Manager, Lockheed Martin Canada RMS

Advancements in Canadian technology and manufacturing. Creation and development of Canada’s small and medium enterprise sector. Investments in research and development. Increased international presence through global export opportunities.

Of the many benefits Canada will receive from the new Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC), jobs are the foundation across all economic development aspects of the program. Building the CSC in Canada reinvigorates naval engineering and design jobs now and for the next four decades.

The Canadian Surface Combatant’s Economic Impact

Lockheed Martin Canada is partnered with BAE Systems, CAE, L3Harris, MDA, Ultra Electronics, Rolls-Royce, OSI and others to design the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) – an advanced and modern combat ship equipped with highly capable technology to support the men and women of the Royal Canadian Navy for the next 40+ years.

Collectively, the design team brings a wide Canadian footprint:

10000 Employees

10,000+ Canadian employees


45+ facilities from coast to coast


4,000+ Canadian small and medium-sized suppliers

Future Jobs

Thousands more in future high-value Canadian job creation

The Lockheed Martin Canada team has already made significant progress in delivering valuable economic benefit in the first year under the program’s definition contract, claiming industrial benefit achievements valued at more than triple our current contract value – far exceeding current contract obligations.
One such example is Lockheed Martin Canada’s RAVEN Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) system. ECM systems are designed to deny targeting information to an adversary’s radar, sonar or other detection systems like infrared or lasers. RAVEN is an integral part of the CSC combat system, allowing the Royal Canadian Navy to engage in missions with greater confidence than ever before and has the capability to respond to modern threats as they evolve over time.
To support the design and delivery of RAVEN for CSC, Lockheed Martin Canada has added more than 20 new highly skilled technical positions to its workforce. RAVEN also incorporates proven technologies from Canadian partners and suppliers, supporting both the Canadian defence industry and the greater economy. Ottawa-based MC Countermeasures Inc. (MCCM), a pioneer and world leader in predictive ECM receiver technology will receive over $50M in new ECM business from Lockheed Martin Canada, allowing it to expand its business and Canadian work force. While designed for Canada, the ITAR-free RAVEN surface ship ECM is also an exportable product and technology for the global surface ship market.

Infrastructure Investments in Action

Rolls-Royce manufactures and assembles the Mission Bay Handling System (MBHS), which will be used in the CSC. This technology is designed to deliver multi-mission capabilities for the CSC. The MBHS has the capability to launch and recover naval vehicles and move containerized packages without the aid of a dockside crane. The multi-functional system can also easily adapt to support custom operational requirements, such as humanitarian missions, by providing the space for medical facilities and aid supplies.
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